Finally, Sunglasses That Ping Your Phone When You Leave Them Behind

It's inevitable. You finally find that perfect pair of sunglasses that don't make you look like a dingus, convince yourself to lay out an absurd amount of money to buy them... And then you leave them in a public bathroom, never to be seen again. The folks at Tzukuri want to end that, with iBeacon-powered shades that send an alert to your iPhone when you leave them behind.

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Spiewie 2701d ago

Unfortnately I don't need sunglasses Where I live :P clever invention though.

Sandmano2700d ago

what a great invention exremly useful

gizmig2700d ago

Is there any way to implement that thing on any glasses of mine or it will be useful if we can implement that on our watch.

iSpy2700d ago

one more reason to have iPhone!

sjaakiejj2700d ago

Only problem is when you leave your phone behind as well, or, as the case may be, you have your phone on silent mode. By the time you get back to where the glasses were they'll be gone.

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