Nissan Develops The World’s First Self Cleaning Car

The end may be in sight for the humble bucket and sponge. That’s right, Nissan may have spelled the end of the car wash. The Japanese firm have announced a new paint coating which repels dirt and grime. The coating has been named ‘ultra-ever dry’ and it’s predicted to be available initially as a £450 paint option on the new Nissan Note.

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SJIND2703d ago

Self Driving, Self Cleaning Next would be Self Oil changing...!

gizmig2703d ago

Waiting for the day when thing can be like the bots that we have seen in transformers movies.

Somebody2702d ago

There will always that one scientist that it'll be cool to make a sentient AI. And then they realized they don't need us pesky organics running the show.

s45gr322702d ago

Ok now for that it will take 2-4 decades

gizmig2701d ago

It may take more than 2-3 decade too. But its just a futuristic concept as per Hollywood movies.

GamerDad19872701d ago

I've thought about why haven't cars had hyphobic paintjobs yet? I mean they have the Neverwet type sprays so why not the car paint. It would be nice to have tho.

Lionsguard2701d ago

Next it'll be self-sentience. Pixar called it. We all made fun of it but we didn't listen!

Spiewie 2703d ago

For extremely lazy people haha.

ironfist922702d ago

Arent all inventions for lazy people?

ZoyosJD2701d ago

Except exercise equipment, sunscreen, hiking/climbing gear, etc.

Still, this coating would probably get destroyed in our weather and cease functionality.

TechImperia2703d ago

Nothing left except in future cars will be self occupied with emotions and will not need passengers

Sandmano2702d ago

lol that sounds great especially in the climate I live in

gizmig2702d ago

That will be helpful for all of us as we are so much lazy already with lots of gadgets and machines around us.

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The story is too old to be commented.