A premium version of Galaxy S5 to come out in June

Androidvibe: Before Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced, there have been many speculations and rumours about the way the device was going to look and its performances. When the device has been announced during the Mobile World Congress in February, many of the people that have been waiting for the moment have been disappointed. Much of the disappointment was due to the fact that the device didn’t come out with the metal body and the QHD display as it was rumoured. However, the rumours started again, and speculations are made once more about the fact that Samsung is working on a higher end version of the S5. Much information has been circulating during the past week that makes us believe that the South Korean giant is actually considering bringing to their customers a more premium version of the S5.

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gizmig2702d ago

Premium version..sounds interesting!

Anarki2702d ago

Sucks being an early adopter in this day/age. You're almost certain to be shafted within a few months of buying any product.

Settler2702d ago

Anyone please hold my beer, I need to read this article very deeply