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Mother of large phones: Samsung SM-T2558 has a 7″ screen

What is it that comes to your mind when someone says 7 inches? Tablets, it’s tablets of course.

But the Samsung SM-T2558 begs to differ. With a 7-inch HD display, the SM-T2558 floors all other big phones including the former biggest phone, Hisense X1 with 6.8 inches of display.

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Spiewie 2700d ago

That would not fit in the average pocket..... Why bother.

Speed-Racer2700d ago

This needs to stop. Are we buying phones or TVs?

colonel1792700d ago

Exactly! 5.5" is already in the line of ridiculous! 7" is just a joke! I see that more as a tablet with phone capabilities (which could actually be nice in some circumstances) but if I saw someone carrying that thing as a phone, I would slap them!

Sandmano2700d ago

Whoah!? Huge at least you won't lose it easily.

Speed-Racer2700d ago

But they still can't find MH370, much less a phone.

Bimkoblerutso2699d ago

My phone was lost somewhere in the Pacific years ago. I think it was aliens.

2700d ago
stinkytofus2700d ago

Yet people still blowing 700 on a phone every year, very unnecsaary

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The story is too old to be commented.