Google self-driving car now on the streets

Google has released a new video showing off its new self-driving car navigating city streets after being used on thruways up until this point. The video shows that the car is getting closer and closer to being fully operational without the need for human interaction.

The testing of the self-driving cars is being done in Mountain View, California, the home of the company’s headquarters.

The car, as seen in the above video, has the ability to make driving decisions based on what’s happening around it in real time. It can navigate properly through construction zones, stop for pedestrians and even properly react to cars that pull out of hard-to-see spots.

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Spiewie 2710d ago

Pretty sure someone commented "what's next a Google car?" well here you go whoever you were xD

gizmig2709d ago

Will it be reliable or accurate? There are much questions that this car still need to answer.

sjaakiejj2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

This was 2 years ago, and still no incident. I think it's doing a pretty good job at proving itself :)

Number is now 700 000 miles

gizmig2708d ago

Quite agree with you. But sometimes the situation is too critical on the road have to see how it perform in real world when it comes to the end users.

Kurylo3d2708d ago

Its funny how they say it detects cyclists signaling. I wanna see what happens when a cyclist doesnt signal with hand gestures. I mean cmon.. how many people do u see using hand gestures in the road on their bike. Good luck to kids.

sjaakiejj2708d ago

That's already been addressed, and it predicts a cyclist's movement based on many variables, not just the gesture. In addition to that, the system naturally responds to unexpected events. The problem with these cars currently isn't that they're unsafe, but that they're too safe, and will often stand still for unnecessarily long periods of time when faced with some difficult situations.

Kurylo3d2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

im waiting for google to become self aware. They dont need nukes. They can take out half the human race with robot cars running people down and off cliffs. I mean just imagine the potential for some sick serial killer types to start hacking cars of their targets while their own the road... Google is awesome, but im not certain about everything being so connected.

sjaakiejj2708d ago

It's not so much a question of "ability", because no doubt be possible for some very clever person to hack a car and drive it off a cliff. It'd be more a question of "why". What's the benefit to that person? It's too complex for a spur of the moment or passion crime, it's not profitable for anyone, and it's not big enough (and requires too much technical know-how) for terrorism. Why would you drive someone off a cliff when it's that much easier to just shoot them? Especially in the US where you can practically buy a gun at Wallmart.