Robotic arm CRUSHES car with its hydraulic fingers as crowd witnesses show of strength from afar

A giant robotic hand arches down and locks its metallic fingers around a car like a scene from a futuristic film.

With frightening power it clamps the roof of the green Panda and uses its superhuman robot strength to hold it aloft.

With frightening power it squeezes the vehicle's frame as if it were no stronger than paper, smashing through the windows and crumpling the body work.

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xharrypotterx2461d ago

Ummm, WHY, WHY would you make something like that? :|

Spiewie 2461d ago

Don't see the point of this to be honest waste of time and money.

Devil-X2461d ago

its for a futuristic film. now suppose when that film go on to earn millions of dollars, would you still be saying the same thing?

kingPoS2460d ago

He heh heh... imagine if someone made a real life mech with that kind of power. Shh don't say the G word. lol