Google+ Won (Or Why Google Never Needed A Social Network)

Google+ Since the news that Google+ chief Vic Gundotra has abruptly left the company, the common wisdom holds that Google’s oft-derided Facebook clone will not be long for this world. But whether or not Google+ continues as a standalone product isn’t the question. Google likely never cared if Google+ “won” as a competitor to Facebook (though if it did, that would have been a nice bonus). All that mattered, in the end, was whether Plus became the connective tissue between all of Google’s formerly scattered services. And in a few short years, it’s fair to say it has.

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TechImperia2656d ago

yes may be it will not be wrong to say G+ has been serving its purpose fine

evil_element2656d ago

That's not quiet true. Google has been fighting to defeat Facebook which it see's as a threat to its social existence.

SouthClaw2656d ago

Google + won't go anywhere. They are using it for businesses to use as an internal communications center. They use it for their commercial customers as well. I cannot see it going anywhere. If anything it will be tweaked.