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See The Human Cost Of Your iPhone… And It Will Shock You

When most people buy a new smartphone, they rarely think about where it came from — they only know it arrived perfectly in a new shiny white box. However, this is the secret that Apple and Samsung don’t want you to see.

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iSpy2706d ago

Chinese should do something about it. they can do it. instead of their country taking other countries' territory the Chinese government should do something about this poisoning inside their country

Speed-Racer2706d ago

Where do you live? The Chinese government is the main reason why corporations like Foxconn and others get away with what they do.

SouthClaw2706d ago

So whose getting an iPhone 6? :)

Spiewie 2705d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of this. It's ridiculous would take a lot to change this.