Apple’s super-sleek 5.5 inch iPhone 6 launch might be delayed over battery issues

TechLucia: The launch of 5.5-inch variant of Apple's next trendsetting gadget in the iPhone series line up will be delayed owing to the battery issues faced by it. Hence, it is expected that the launch of this device might take place not anytime before 2015 .

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TechImperia2710d ago

Apple needs to bring it soon, otherwise samsung is gonna mint some big money from sale of it galaxy S5 and upcoming note 4 phablet in the mean time.

prodigy10112710d ago

People would always love and prefer Apple over Samsung..

HollowedSoul142710d ago

well people are stupid. apple is out of control on their prices, and lack of pushing the cellphone industry forward. they deserve to be boycotted for their arrogance. no better than microsoft these days.

blackmanone2710d ago

Well said, hollowedsoul, too bad the hivemind disagrees, but then again that was exactly your point. People are stupid and a little bit of flash will override any common sense they might have.

spektical2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

In my experience IPhones are slow, clunky and a pain to configure.

However, I will advertise this phone to anyone that wants a phone ready of the box with absolutely no configuration. This phone is marketed for them and it does a damn great job at it.

HollowedSoul142710d ago

dont forget about the sony experia Z2. iphones are overrated there os isnt even stable anymore. never owned an iphone where the browser app doesnt always crash for no reason. definately switching to the darkside after this iphone 5 breaks completely.

prodigy10112710d ago

After most of the updates, Sony phones would crash and it would take atleast 6 hours to restore the previous version and update successfully.

HollowedSoul142710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

hmmm that sucks. the sony xperia z2 has amazing specs . 3gb of ram, nice screen, awesome camera, waterproof dust proof, apple cant compete with that. apple always releases phones with average specs with over average prices, apple 5s 64gb is like 950 bucks thats horrible. could you imagine how much apple would charge for an iphone that was dust and is just getting more and more expensive for absolutely nothing im done supporting those price gouging scum bags at apple.

Android2710d ago

Sorry I can't agree with that. I'm the guy who's owned a phone from almost all the major companies, I can tell you that's never happened to me. Apples products are amazing, you don't notice how good they are till you use "some" android phones. They have this quality and fluidity you don't get from every android phone. However, what I can tell you is you would need to be on crack to purchase an apple phone in today's market. Their just not value for money anymore.

There's far better phones out that don't require you to pinch and zoom every time you open a Web browser, I'm speaking about the tiny outdated screen, then again I have an ultra z lol.

prodigy10112710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Yea.. the only problem with Apple is its money-mindedness. The inclusion of finger print scanner in its iPhone 5S made it cost $1065 ( approx.) . The phone isn't worth that money and Apple also keeps on updating and launching new phones. There always comes a point where your iPhone, which you bought about a year ago becoming outdated.. and at the same time loses support.Say, iPhone 4 ( and 4S ) is almost dead now. However,iOS is the most stable OS.

Even I own an ANDROID Phone only.. :D

RosweeSon2710d ago

Sure fully agree about the browser crashing but what are you doing to your phone to make it break completely I just look after my stuff and sell it when upgrades are due. Specially when older models still sell for £150+

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Spiewie 2710d ago

iPhones are extremely overpriced for the specs they carry which is why I will never buy one... ahh and the idea of not having a back button scares me :P I love my Nexus 5 which i got for half the price of an iPhone 5s.

RosweeSon2710d ago

What does the home button do then? Pricey sure but pretty certain the home button takes you back.

Spiewie 2710d ago

The home button puts you back to the homescreen....

ALICE6662710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

They can take as long as they want. F U apple I'm happy with my new S5!

I will never go Apple again. I have been with them since the iPhone 3G to the 5S... and everytime there was an update to it's iOS it broke something on the damn phone! Then they will deny it was the upgrade and blame the hardware when it worked fine before the updates. Lost my Wifi several times, battery life turned to shit, phone becomes unresponsive.. many many endless issues.

But seriously after trying the new galaxy, I dont know why and how I even survived through years and years of an aging, problematic and locked out OS. I've seen the light!

iliimaster2710d ago

i miss my iphone 4s jailbroken with my blue charge battery on the screen, i have a GS3 flashed to cricket and att just bought them so i can switch back to my iphone but for me its rough texting on this GS3 even with the bigger screen the accuracy/fixing is horrible for me i hate texting on this.
Theres alot of very small details from the texting icon from android to apple, the way apps download and install and texts being sent (im on ios 6 ) which make me want to switch back

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