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In the world of competitive gaming, every player is unique with their equipment preference. Some players want small, soft keys on their keyboard while others want keys that a blind person can see.

In terms of the mouse, however, there is usually one key factor that most gamers agree on: it has to be wired.

Wireless mice may provide the convenience of freedom of movement, but often times there is an input delay that can cost players at crucial times in the heat of battle. With the G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse, Logitech was hoping to put the worry of input delay, and create a new standard for competitive gaming.

The G602 boasts over 1400 hours of battery life on endurance mode, (250 on performance) a plethora of customization options and a DPI of up to 2500.

However, even with the battery life, the countless macro options as well as the sensitivity options, will the G602 be able to be a product that can convince players worldwide to ditch the corded mouse for the convenience of wireless?

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