The pros and cons (mostly cons) of saving files to the desktop

For years, Jocelyn Warfield saved her document files to the desktop. She asked me about continuing the process.

As far back as I can remember, no version of Windows has ever, by default, saved data files (documents, spreadsheets, photos, and so on) to the desktop. And at least since XP, it has not been a particularly safe place to save them.

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gizmig2478d ago

I never noticed but hell my desktop is full of files as I always use to hide files on my desktop. Surely gonna clean it up today.

MEsoJD2477d ago

I love my desktop with no icons. I even moved my recycle bin to the tool bar. I like to use my desktop for temp files.

MidnytRain2477d ago

This is me exactly. There's a desktop thread in the dirums.

gizmig2477d ago

Me either. That is why I always hide all the icons from my desktop.

Alxe2478d ago

my Desktop only Has Recycle Bin ..... :)

MidnytRain2477d ago

You can remove it if you want. I leave mine on the start screen.

Soldierone2478d ago

Don't really see negatives personally to me. I have a "documents" folder on my desktop and other folders for work and school. Saves me the hassle of clicking through 3 or 4 folders just to get to the file.

And ever since 7 (at least, don't remember XP much) there is a button in the bottom right to instantly bring up the desktop, just as fast as clicking a folder icon.

Once files get dated and I'm not using them that often, I put them in their proper library folder.

kingPoS2478d ago

Only recycle bin and 10 or 12 shortcuts exist on mine. I just leverage the heck out of recent documents, works for me.

SirBillyBones2477d ago

There's absolutely nothing on my desktop. I can't stand cluttering it with icons.

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The story is too old to be commented.