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In Secret Docs, Apple Admits The iPhone's 2 Big Problems

In documents the public was never meant to see, Apple lays out exactly what's holding the iPhone back: small screens and high prices.

These internal documents were revealed during the most recent Apple-Samsung trial, which began a week ago. Apple is suing Samsung, alleging that Samsung copied the iPhone and violated five of Apple's patents.

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colonel1792721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

The biggest problem with the iPhone is not the size, but the features. iOS is becoming so barebones that is not useful anymore. iOS 7 is the worst operating system Apple has released ever. Not only is not useful, not with the minimalist approach, it looks bland and boring.

I can't believe the iPhone still doesn't have BASIC features like display contact names as you dial according to the number/letter that's being dialed. Can't believe there are a TON of things the iPhone can't do.

The people I know that are switching to Samsung is because of the many features the phones offer, along with the features that come with Android. Pretty ignorant of Apple if they actually believe that size is the problem. I mean, they have done this TWICE already! They recently destroyed iWorks removing most of the features, and people had to jump ship to Office just to accomplish the most basic things.

Apple needs to understand that FEATURES is what people want. Not bigger phone!

SouthClaw2720d ago

I'm sorry while I agree with your features point I disagree about screen size. I have been with Samsung for a long time and I am quite tempted to move over to an iPhone 6 if it comes with a 5" + screen. The iPhone screen is what keeps me away. I hate OSX so don't want a Mac computer but I've got an iPad but I want an iPhone with a screen similar to my Galaxy Note 2. You are correct about features though.

Raf1k12720d ago

I don't think I'd be interested in an iPhone with a bigger screen if it kept the same aspect ratio. I still find the screen shape a bit weird.

If they go with a bigger screen I'd prefer it to have a standard aspect ratio so that movies can be displayed at their actual size and shape.

colonel1792720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Size is about preference. I know people that love the Galaxy Note 3 because of the size. That is fine, but that is not something that would make Apple bankrupt if they don't release. Yes, there would be people wanting an iPhone because of it, but it wouldn't make that much of a difference in market share.

Nothing beats a feature-rich phone. If you can get a phone that can do a lot of useful things while being easy to use, that'll be the best phone. Android is somewhat complex (not hard) to use, and a lot of casual users can't dominate it fully. iOS is pretty easy and straight forward, but lacks so many basic features is not even funny.

Apple has been lacking when it comes to OS. They have modified stuff from OS X, and simplify too much iOS. They are not consistent anymore. I liked that Apple wanted to make iOS more like OS X, then they changed directions and wanted to make OS X more like iOS, which is stupid. They removed a lot of useful features in OS X, and made changes for the worse like spaces. They have been doing the same with iOS.

I don't know what's going on at Apple, but someone needs to realize that the best thing is to make a full-fedge OS X (again, as it used to be), a full fledge iOS, which they can based on OS X, and the most important thing, being CONSISTENT! They just seem that they don't care anymore since they think their stuff sales by themselves.