NoScope “Demon Series” Gaming Glasses Review | Geekenstein

"NoScope does offer an extremely affordable alternative to GUNNAR gaming glasses, but at the cost of quality. If you don’t care about the looks and the structural integrity of what you put on your face, then you should pick up a pair of NoScope gaming glasses to protect your eyes and enhance your gaming experience. They really do work, and I cannot stress that enough. However, if you can afford to go the extra mile with the desire of looking “cool” while wearing them, then it’s hard to suggest NoScope over other manufacturers on the market. If anything, the current “Demon Series” could be viewed as an entry point for skeptics of the benefits of gaming glasses; an affordable way to test the waters of gaming glasses without diving in head first. The “Demon Series” is a valiant first effort by NoScope in an attempt to make gaming glasses more affordable. If they take the current crop of issues into consideration, GUNNAR Optiks will have some serious competition." - Dustin Triplett of Geekenstein

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