Apple Employees Confess All The Worst Things About Working At Apple

If you want to work in tech, you want the words "Apple Inc." somewhere on your resume. That experience is widely regarded as a key that can unlock virtually any other type of employment opportunity.

But what is it really like to work at the most innovative tech company on the planet? Most people treasure their time there. As an Apple employee, you're working on the most sought-after gadgets on the planet, alongside Silicon Valley's brightest minds.

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TechImperia2482d ago

These are not as bad as they seem. Ever thought about worst things about NOT Working At Apple?

"Perspective, Yeah!!!" o.O

sjaakiejj2481d ago

Not working at Apple is great! I get paid more, have flexible hours and don't have to answer to a marketing team!

TechImperia2481d ago

But I seriously Don't think everyone not working at Apple got a job like yours.

sjaakiejj2481d ago

Honestly, working in CS you generally get a job like mine. Apple's a bit of a raw deal - a lot of reputation, but very little in terms of benefits. I've got friends who work at Apple, Microsoft and Google, and the only one that always talks to me about how great their job is is my friend at Google. Microsoft on the other hand pays you well. Apple does neither.