14 Best Android Apps for New Phone Users 2014

In this opinion piece you will read about the best Android apps for new phone users in 2014. Lots of people asking me to give an answer to this question and finally made up mind to share some of them.

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Alxe2727d ago

Swype Keywboard
Google Keep
Nova Launcher
Press (RSS Reader)

gunnerforlife2726d ago

sorry but swiftkey is way better then swype!! and yes ive got them both! i havent used swype since i downloaded the new beta for swiftkey with the emoticons!

r1sh122726d ago

swype is better IMO. its just faster, less errors etc..

Raf1k12726d ago

I prefer Swiftkey too but hate how I have to reset it to default keybaord every time it gets an update.

Spiewie 2726d ago

Endomondo is a must have for me.

windblowsagain2726d ago

I prefer sense on my htc, viper is sweet.