How old is the moon? True age is finally revealed

A new study has revealed the moon is 4.47 billion-years-old, after a team of planetary scientists discovered it was formed 95 million years after the birth of the solar system.

This makes the Earth's moon up to 60 million years younger than some previous estimates, a study published on Wednesday found.

Researchers used a new way to calculate the birthday of the planet's only natural satellite.

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KingPin2729d ago

this is all great news but it cant be trusted.
a few decades later they'll come out saying they were wrong.
Pluto is a perfect example.

SilentNegotiator2729d ago

No wait, 5 billion. No wait, 2 billion. No wait, 4 billion. No wait...

Alxe2727d ago


Gondee2728d ago

Unlike philosophy, science makes progress. Answers getting increasingly correct. This is just a slight adjustment of 60 million years, chill.

gunnerforlife2728d ago

"a slight adjustment of 60 million years" LOOL just a slight adjustment yes? haha

Gondee2727d ago

Yes, that's a .013% adjustment. Just over 1 percent... Are you educated? lol

TechImperia2729d ago

we can't say anything for sure as science is progressing we are getting closer to right answers