Top Reasons To Buy HTC One M8

If you are still confused about whether or not you should buy the new m8, then here are the top reasons to buy htc one m8 to help you make a decision.

Do not fall for the low megapixel count of its camera, the quality is still amazing. All shared in this article.

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Spiewie 2727d ago

It's good phone and all but kinda expensive comparing it to the nexus 5

pompombrum2727d ago

What's the general view of HTC's strategy? Seems like they've focused more on the little things than adding all the fancy gimmicks that apple and samsung generally like to shout home about. Will be upgrading my Galaxy S4 next year and thinking of going with HTC however I'm a little bit worried that I'll be enticed by all the gimmicks Samsung show off plus I'm still not convinced by this ultrapixel stuff HTC seems to be sticking with.

RBdrift2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I have last year's HTC one and still runs beautifully. The only pain is its CRAPPY camera and the ultrapixel gimmick which really sucks. Disappointingly that's the con i see in the M8.
Im going to wait for Sony's Xperia Z2,way more promising.

johny52727d ago

As "Gimmicky" as Samsung can be, they sure impress with there battery life and display tech!

Of course I'm still waiting for the day phones have 48hour talk time!

Alxe2725d ago

Dot View Cover is look cool ...