WhatsApp zooms to record 64 billion messages in one day

CNET: 64 million isn't cool. You know what's cool? 64 billion. That's how many messages were whatzapped through WhatsApp in a single day this week.
The popular cross-platform messaging service announced the record high on Twitter on Wednesday, adding up a global 20 billion messages sent and 44 billion messages received.

Settler3534d ago

And I'm big contributor to this :D

gizmig3533d ago

So am I. I use it regularly to stay connected to my friends now.

gunnerforlife3533d ago

If they add voice calling to WhatsApp, I feel sorry for my carrier! The next contract I'll be getting is a 200 minutes 200 texts bundle at 15 pounds a month Loooll

SnakeCQC3533d ago

I wonder how many of these are being stored and intercepted

gizmig3533d ago

Totally agreed. I can believe that these are being stored but its kinda hard to intercept and analyze it.


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