Microsoft: We Won't Break Into Users' Email Accounts Anymore

Just one week after news surfaced that Microsoft secretly broke into the Hotmail email account of one of its users, the company is updating its security policies.

Microsoft stated it will now contact law enforcement if it needs access to a user's email account for security purposes instead of secretly doing it themselves, the company wrote in a blog post on Friday.

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thehitman2731d ago

To be honest... I never thought that the companies should be barred from reading our e-mails. Technically they have every right to do it if 1) They own the servers 2) They own the software 3) We agree to use their services. It is like telling the bank that they cant look at your bank statement. If your doing something malicious with your e-mails then thats on you. Dont like it, well there is always the old fashion mail way. E-mails are not a government service and faster people realize that privacy on the internet is not an entitlement the better we all will be.