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Netflix and Hulu Are Losing Relevancy

As recently as two years ago, you weren't alone in thinking Netflix and Hulu signaled the death of cable. With both companies struggling to bring fresh content, Comcast and Apple scheming to destroy net neutrality,and Amazon Prime and Sony diluting the pool, this seems more and more unlikely. What does the future hold for streaming online content?

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gunnerforlife3103d ago

What a rubbish article! You offer no valid reason for why Netflix is losing relevance! Hulu has too many adverts, and Hollywood isn't offering Netflix shows at the same time as cinema releases... that's all you have to offer?

You talk so much about piracy in this article, and then have so many adverts around the page relating to piracy... Come on dude just say go and learn how to pirate! Instead of giving hints with adverts and telling us how piracy is good.

Versability3103d ago

The point is if you're going to charge for a service, it needs to make life easier than the options already available. The reason Netflix and Hulu blew up in the fist place is because they made paying for streaming video easier than pirating it just like iTunes did for downloading music. Unfortunately Mike Hopkins and Reed Hastings don't have the business acumen Steve Jobs did, and the entertainment industry has destroyed the quality and integrity of the sites.

Versability3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Hulu has actually managed to make watching TV content on a computer more difficult than it would be to simply plug an antenna into's counterproductive...