Get ready for night vision contact lenses, all thanks to graphene

Scientists have found a way to integrate graphene into contact lenses or cellphones to ‘see’ in night vision at room temperature. Unlike traditional bulky products that require lots of cooling equipment, the single atom layer of carbon can easily be integrated into items such as contact lenses.

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RE_L_MAYER2741d ago

yeah i dont know how safe is this on your eyes

FamilyGuy2741d ago

Why not just make night vision glasses first?
At least then you could put them on and take them off fast.

imXify2741d ago

I wonder if I can see through clothes with it hahaha ! :P

Sarick2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

This tech might have been ripped off captured grey aliens. Do some research about this if you're into that stuff.

000012741d ago

yeah, instead of making more advanced technology, the grey aliens have afforded us the capabilities to make night vision contacts...lay off the Alex Jones lol.

Sarick2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

baaa. I'm glad a few people agree with me. They've also done their research. To bad that fella Philip Schneider was strangled in his home soon after telling the public about this fake stuff. He worked as an above top secret government employee and had credentials unlike the average internet user.

FTR: This was spoken about years ago perhaps before you was born. Anyway, if you want to argue you can PM me or use a site with the initials LOP.

MrDead2739d ago

You can make your very own graphene strip with sticky tape and a pencil. Also watch someone like Brian Cox he’s good at explaining quantum mechanics simply, then you can understand how this tech is possible without jumping to “grey aliens”.

Panthers2741d ago

Been reading up a lot of Graphene lately. Its really interesting stuff.