Netflix blasts Internet providers: 'Consumers deserve better'

Cnn: Netflix isn't backing down in its fight against the country's largest Internet service providers.
Netflix (NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings sounded off Thursday against big ISPs like Verizon (VZ, Fortune 500) and Comcast (CMCSA, Fortune 500), accusing them of compromising Internet freedom and degrading the experience of consumers.

Hastings' blog post is the latest salvo in Netflix's dispute with these firms over whether it should help pay the cost of delivering its data-heavy content.

"Some big ISPs are extracting a toll because they can -- they effectively control access to millions of consumers and are willing to sacrifice the interests of their own customers to press Netflix and others to pay," Hastings wrote.

"Though they have the scale and power to do this, they should realize it is in their long term interest to back strong net neutrality."

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marcusatideal2863d ago

Really hard to see 'Net Neutrality' becoming anything more than a buzz word considering how large players like Netflix, Facebook and MIcrosoft are bending to ISP demands instead of banding together to fight for consumer rights.

Software_Lover2863d ago

I've noticed my Netflix has been buffering a lot lately. Sucks.....

Soldierone2863d ago

Same with Youtube. Noticed it works fine if I go somewhere else and use it. Yet at home its buffers every ten seconds and won't play HD videos.

SnakeCQC2863d ago

There are people in the states that have found using vpns greatly improves performance; so isps are doing some dodgy stuff to hinder performance. These service providers are out of their minds to think they deserve a cut from content creators.

kingPoS2863d ago

It'll be a sad sad day when you can't go to a site like techspy because HAVA media didn't pay the ISP toll. With the direction Net Neutrality is currently headed, it might well happen.

Soldierone2863d ago

PLEASE fight them off. The internet providers are trying to create a market that resembles cable, why else do they all double as both?

If that happens we pay sky high prices for some stupid packaged deal full of stuff we don't want. Then they will split up websites/devices as "premium" services etc....

Imagine being a young website builder and not getting traffic only to realize you didn't pay your 20 dollar fee to every ISP in the world so you are getting blocked.....

As consumers we pay to access these things and its an ISP's job to provide it. Don't ever let them make you believe otherwise. Its their job to provide, not the websites job.