University of Michigan doctors use 3-D printing to perform life-saving surgery for 2nd time ever

M Live:

Nearly two months after a groundbreaking surgery, 18-month-old Garrett Peterson is full of energy.

He plays with the toys hanging over his bed, smiles for nearly 45 straight minutes and gives his mom’s hair a sharp tug while she pats and tickles him.

“He has more energy than I do,” Garrett’s mom Natalie Peterson said. “Yesterday I really wanted to take a nap but if I even left the room for a second to talk to my mom on the phone he would start getting agitated.”

The procedure that Peterson underwent Jan. 31 — the second of its kind ever attempted — was made possible by advancements in 3-D printing technology and the collaboration of a number of doctors and engineers from the University of Michigan and across the country.

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