World War 3: Russia Could Turn U.S. To “Radioactive Dust” Says News Anchor

ThatNaijaBlog - Ex Ukrainian President Kravchuk believes World War 3 is imminent but head of Russian state news agency think they could still turn the United State into a radioactive dust

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Gadgetgyaan2779d ago

The cause behind World War 3 will be water.

imXify2779d ago

And if that's the case, the first country to get hit is Canada.

Pogmathoin2778d ago

ImXify...... Thanks, migrated to the wrong country.....divert the great lakes to Mexico....

2779d ago
TwistedMetal2778d ago

It will not be water there is plenty of water on the earth and we will start building machines to turn sewer water piss back into drinkable water like they do on space stations or even get the salt out of ocean water so we can drink that. If there is a world war 3 it would likely be for food and you would have to be stupid to poision the u.s food supply with nukes because we have so much food and land to grow food.

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adorie2779d ago

I thought the u.s had enough nukes to turn the world to dust many times over?

proudly_X2779d ago

And you think Russia don't posses same capabilities?

yezz2779d ago


Yes. They have the same capabilities so both of them would be destroyed... There can't be a winner if they both possess this amount of firepower.

What really infuriates me is that these grown men are acting like children. Boasting with their nukes and declaring wars that will endanger all citizens. The whole world is in a risk because these stubborn "leaders" and governments can't seem to be capable of solving anything major without wars. Sometimes I just hate this world...

adorie2779d ago

My comment is basically showing how the u.s has the same capability or greater. In the end no one wins in a. Nuke war, unless you've got vault tec vaults, then, you win. Don't forget to take the G.O.A.T.

extermin8or2778d ago

THere migh be a world war but i wont be fought with nukes. No one can use them if they know they will likely be hit by several too.

mushroomwig2778d ago

It does, and Russia has many more than the United States.

adorie2778d ago

Care to site a source?

adorie2778d ago

Thanks for the source in PM's. Russia does now have more than the US. Although, I can't recall where I saw it, but it looks as if both countries cut down on their supply as agreed many years ago.

sourav932778d ago

If you don't mind, I'd like to see this source as well please. Thanks.

mushroomwig2778d ago

For god sake people, Google is your friend.

extermin8or2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

tbh they are nukes ffs. You only need like one... also you really think if russia fired nukes at the usa other countries wouldn't retaliate in kind out of fear they might be next target? Come on, WW3 will be fought by people, planes and ships as it was before.

Gondee2777d ago

Russia does have more than the US, however maintenance for nuclear warheads is EXPENSIVE as fuck. Because of this, most of the Soviet Arsenal of land based ICBM's are decaying.

You would be stupid to think the US would allow Russia any kind of true nuclear superiority. The cold war continues on a smaller scale today...

@extermin8or And what happens when one country faces total destruction, do you think it will say, ill just save the nukes. Fuck no, they will use them as a last resource, when they have nothing to loose. It may not be a total nuclear, world ending, exchange, but it would happen.

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SirBradders2779d ago

Is what pisses me off is how these governments decide for us. Just put Obama and putin in a ring and let them duke it out. Civilian bloodshed is pointless because all we care about is living what's left of out Damn lives here on this he'll hole.

d4v03332779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

No way man putin will eat obama alive that guy is black belt and used be spetsnaz...maybe they should play bball then obama might win

kevinsheeks2778d ago

lmaaoaoaoao yeah it has to be fair so first is a fight then basketball lmao by the time they get done they will have gained a mutual respect for each other lol

TwistedMetal2778d ago

putin may be a black belt but obama is black and they would be playing basketball for the fait of the world. space jam 2: world leaders edition.

Gondee2779d ago

By the time their ICMB's vaporized much of the US population, ours would be just minutes from landing in Russia. 30mins is the max delivery (with launch) for our missile silos, subs would be much less, Russia would literally only have a couple minutes to celebrate lol.

MajorLazer2779d ago

You sound.. proud of that, for some reason

Gondee2778d ago

Its an achievement, the technological height of murder weapons. Hundred years ago it was small cannons. Today its a multi-stage chemical rocket that goes to the boundary of space, uses the positions of the stars, breaks into multiple warheads, and fall back to earth at 20,000mph with explosions hotter than the sun, followed by 700 mph rush of air. Our ancestors would literally think it was god/hell.

Although, reading the post, i wish i didn't use "our" as i don't give a fuck about the US or Russia lol.

kevinsheeks2778d ago

lol we are the champions comes on they all jump up to cheer then get blown away thats messed up lol

TheSaint2778d ago

So you don't think the'll nuke us at the same time? Seriously??

Gondee2777d ago

Like I said, an ICBM takes about 30 mins worst case. Our early warning system (NORAD) will pickup their launches. The president will be forced to retaliate during this short window (US missile silos have switches which launch 50 at a time to shorten time it takes to enter codes). Most of the worlds population will perish, it would be a massive exchange poisoning the air, sea, soil, and darkening the sky for years.

wannabe gamer2779d ago

Tick Tack Toe....the only winning not to play....

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