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Infographic: 25 Years Living With The Internet And Here Is The “Internet Of Things”

ThatNaijaBlog - In 2015, 25 billion devices would be connected and 50 billion devices by 2020

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vikram10082773d ago

Good Infographic with all details of Internet age for last 25 years of Internet.

thorstein2773d ago

It's not a good infographic. There are so many errors on it. According to him the "internet" was coined as a term in 1999! Dafuq?

Wow. People were alive back then and we had been calling it the internet for years. Wow. The stupid, it hurts.

thorstein2773d ago

"VThe internet was born 25 years ago by Tim Berners-Lee and now it’s really ..."

No it wasn't. Holy crap, get your facts straight. First of all, the INTERNET was invented in 1969 by ARPA.

Second of all, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (WWW).

The WWW is a part of the internet, it is not the internet. What a grossly incorrect article.

proudly_X2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

In contemporary terms, the world wide web refers to the internet. But we will make an edit..

thorstein2772d ago

Ummm... no it doesn't. In contemporary terms people who are not savvy enough to use the internet call it the world wide web. And that might be colloquial at that.

ISP INTERNET Service Provider
TCP/ IP Transmission Control Protocol/INTERNET Protocol
Http Which is hypertext protocol deals with the WWW.

Every do anything on the internet without your web browser (firefox, chrome, etc)? If you have, that is the internet. The WWW is part of the internet, but the internet is not the is so much more.