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What Is the Resolution of the Human Eye?

Gizmodo- The new iPhone camera is 8-megapixels. Meanwhile, Canon is reportedly testing a new DSLR with 75-megapixels. But how many megapixels is the human eye? That is, how many megapixels would an image the size of your field of vision need to be to look normal?

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Settler2504d ago

The human eye is 576 megapixels O.o

SilentNegotiator2503d ago

"but really only about 7 megapixels matter"

Yi-Long2503d ago

Our brain has Photoshop built in....

UltraNova2503d ago

With the last driver and hardware update 90,000 years ago when we evolved from Homo Sapiens to Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

And we call the ps4 and xb1 outdated phew..

Speed-Racer2503d ago

Also, like many of today's cameras, it's not about the megapixels, but about the filter. Obviously our eyes are really good at that though. Plus we don't have zoom capabilities like a camera, so we can't really maximize all those pixels.

windblowsagain2503d ago

Filters, and the main thing. Sensors quality.

Computersaysno2503d ago

Gonna need Eagle vision for the new 1kk HD format then

gaffyh2503d ago

i think mine are 480p

specialguest2503d ago

At least it's dvd quality. Ohh how I miss the 90s

Dogswithguns2503d ago

Human eyes don't use megapixels...

Agent_hitman2503d ago

Does human eye supports Anti aliasing, High dynamic rendering, stream processing as well?..