ASUS Launches the ROG MATRIX GTX 780 Ti Platinum Graphics Card Too

WCCF: ASUS has also launched their flagship ROG MATRIX GTX 780 TI Platinum graphics card which brings back the MATRIX design to the green camp after three years. The last NVIDIA card to feature ASUS’s MATRIX design being the ROG MATRIX GTX 580 was launched back in 2011 and now returns to back with a bang.

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RE_L_MAYER1736d ago

can i run crysis on that ?)))

whatswithjeff1736d ago

most definitely. you can even run crysis on a GTX 760, how much more with this

RE_L_MAYER1736d ago

haha i was joking im sure you can run 3 crysis games maxed out at the same time

BaconBits1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Title is a bit misleading since there is no confirmed price in the article, only a guess.