ThePCEnthusiast - Noctua NF-S12A (PWM, FLX, ULN) Series Review - A Must Have 120mm Premium Case Fans

ThePCEnthusiast: "Fans are an essential part of every desktop PC. It cools your system, it sucks in cool air and exhaust heat produced by the PC components. But fans are not made alike. There are stock fans, there are premium fans and the noisy high performance fans. Today let’s take a look at the Noctua NF-S12A fan series, a 120mm premium case fan offering super silent case cooling. The NF-S12A has three variants, the PWM, the FLX and ULN. Let’s get to more about them below and find out if this would be your next case fan."

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vikram10082788d ago

Awesome fan case for desktop PC.

TechImperia2788d ago

would have considered them, but my desktop PC is kinda outdated, so will stick with my laptop fan for now. but nice review, thanks for the share.