Microsoft asked Samsung and Huawei for Windows on Android devices too

Unwired View- When I first heard that Microsoft was talking to HTC about loading Windows Phone on Android devices, it sounded crazy and desperate. But it is actually happening. Microsoft is really that desperate to do something, anything to create at least an illusion growth of Windows on mobile devices.

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SJIND2877d ago

Microsoft getting desperate.

gizmig2877d ago

Well they must be desperate, but its quite hard to tell if they gonna ask other companies for that.

s45gr322873d ago

It feels to me growing. Say what happened to the Ubuntu Phones damn it

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TechImperia2877d ago

Microsoft is going Crazy, hard to tell if that's due to the new CEO.

Gondee2874d ago

I have a note 3 and I would like an opportunity at a different IS with oem reliability. Good for consumers

pandehz2873d ago

Would be interesting

Dont think Android devices will allow coz ppl will realise how superior Windows phone 8 is in comparison.

Knowing one side of the story isnt enough

SuperBlur2873d ago

enlighten me as to how W8 Phones are far superior ?

(really curious , no sarcasm)

s45gr322873d ago

Apart from Windows Office, what makes the Windows OS better than Android.

pandehz2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Large and significant updates, Cortana incoming(halo fans be prepped)

Office integration is unbeatable. There is nothing out there that can sync my pc to tablet to lumia in a few seconds as well as Windows OS.

Nokia apps are legend. Ask any Lumia user.

Significantly better performance
My bro's HTC one performs same as lumia 520 in the UI and small apps, shame to Android(of course certain heavier apps will run better on HTC coz it costs 4 times more). My Lumia 1020 kills it in every department except maybe a few minor specs improvements but barely perf difference. Well camera cant even compare but well its not a hardware debate here. Meantime my iphone just sits at home.

Most Android users I believe have not used a super smooth OS that's why I said they need to get a taste of the other side of things.

Only two cons I noticed in Windows OS are:

1. App mute exists (unable to record phone calls). Fix oncoming tho

2. App store lack a few game apps here and there. (to be honest I dont even feel it, 200k apps is by no means less and is easily the fastest growing and has almost all of the top and popular apps and more along with numerous exclusives)

Only in darkness will you know the value of light, simply put.

SilentNegotiator2873d ago

LOL, tiles. Like you can't do the same crap on Android with a different name.

You remind me on iOS users that think their OS is superior for the reasons that the company itself told them makes it superior.

Wikkid6662873d ago

Very smart business. MS will make money from on both platforms... while expanding the reach of the WP OS.

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