Microsoft is using your data to target political ads on Xbox Live

The Washington Post- Microsoft is trying to [ersuade politicians to take out targeted ads on Xbox Live, Skype, MSN and other company platforms as midterm elections begin heating up around the country. To pluMicrosoft is using your data to target political ads on Xbox Live
g the idea, Microsoft officials handed out promotional materials Thursday at CPAC, the annual conference for conservatives.

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1Victor2873d ago

Wow Seriously Now I Cant Even Play Games In Peace Without Having A Politic Add On My Face

thorstein2873d ago

This might be the number one reason not to buy their product.

Bimkoblerutso2873d ago

I was already iffy on owning an XboxOne down the road, but now there is no way in hell I will EVER be interested.

I am officially done with Xbox.

ZombieKiller2873d ago

There are other reasons too. Mainly Microsoft's greed. They'll take any money they can get. This probably has something to do with that too.
MS will advertise to you AND make you pay in a world where you pay to not have them pop up.

SilentNegotiator2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Oh goody! Now I can be brainwashed with warped-information and lies "fact"-checked by biased newspapers through my game system!

Like I NEEDED another reason to not buy Xbone.