The Million Dollar iPhone by Gold Alchemist

Fancy Material- Gold Alchemist, a London-based luxury boutique, specializes in customizing electronic devices to create the most exquisite and luxurious products. Now they come up with a customized iPhone 5 that costs a staggering $1 million. It took the firm 5 months to create this beautiful masterpiece that has a 24-carat gold handmade-bezel, 1,600 flawless F grade diamonds totaling more than 16 carats, 24-carat gold back panel with 53 diamonds embellishing the Apple logo, and a 24-carat gold home button with a single-cut 2 carat diamond. Only 2 models of the million dollar iPhone have been made and both of them come with a lifetime warranty for minor cosmetic damages or technical faults.

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No thanks. I'm an android guy, lol.

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