Why Microsoft Makes $5 to $15 From Every Android Device Sold

HTG- Microsoft makes much more money from Android than Windows Phone. Every time you buy an Android smartphone or tablet, Microsoft is likely receiving $5 to $15. They likely make at least $2 billion per year from Android.

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TechImperia2885d ago

I think they deserve even more if their patents have been infringed upon.

Gondee2884d ago

People may not like it, but they have been fundamental in the build up of the digital era, specifically in the last 20 years. Its no surprise they have patents on some of these technologies.

Godmars2902884d ago

They've bought and acquired patients you mean. That they basically make money by such means is why they're so bloated. That when they attempt to innovate its more like they're copying from other companies.

Gondee2884d ago

No, they have been much of the personal computing movement. There are millions of lines of code in all types of systems that solve a problem Microsoft conquered in the past. Don't be close minded, Microsoft is one of the fundamental technology companies.

Godmars2902880d ago

What have they done that another company hadn't been doing first?

pandehz2884d ago

Lol of course

MS built our digital age in many ways

The_KELRaTH2884d ago

It's all about using vFAT (31.03.1994 patent) but it's no longer a valid patent in Europe since 2013