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Yahoo to require Yahoo ID, no more Facebook or Google logins

CNET - Yahoo has begun the gradual phase-out of letting people access certain services with their Facebook or Google logins. Now, to sign into all services, users will need a Yahoo ID.

The first service to stop allowing other login credentials was Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'Em up; and soon services like Flickr and Fantasy Sports will also require a Yahoo ID.

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Spiewie 2881d ago

This doesn't sound too good.

gizmig2881d ago

Now people will be forced to use Yahoo ID's.

vikram10082881d ago

Now yahoo is also focus on their login format like Google and Facebook.

TechImperia2881d ago

it will not be about Google or facebook any more, it's gonna be simple as if you want to use yahoo services then you have to use a yahoo account.

vikram10082881d ago

Yes, I complete agree with you Mayank. If you see you can sign up in yahoo with your other email address.

coolbeans2880d ago

Not that big of a deal for me.