IK Multimedia iLoud Review | Metal Arcade

Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes:

Plenty of Bluetooth speakers have come and gone in the mobile market, but none thus far have captured my full attention the way that IK Multimedia’s iLoud has. Since it was first unveiled last year, I’ve been itching to get my hands on a unit to run it through its paces. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews of IK Multimedia’s products, you’ll know that they set the bar high as far as quality is concerned. The company once again makes good on its tagline “Musicians First” with the first Bluetooth speaker truly designed with musicians in mind — the iLoud connects directly with a guitar, bass or microphone and interfaces with the Amplitube app on iPhone or iPad. The sheer power, clarity and portability of this tiny, lightweight speaker is truly something to behold.

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