Samsung Galaxy S5 coming with $575 worth freebies from Samsung Galaxy Gifts

Mobigyaan - The Samsung Galaxy S5 might be a big deal on its own and might have awesome specs, but leave it to Samsung to make it even more awesome. Samsung has bundled the Samsung Galaxy Gifts promo with Galaxy S5 giving you $575 in free apps if you decide to purchase the handset.

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ravinash2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

How much of those free apps are just shovel ware or apps you just won't use.
They just seem to keep adding more and more useless apps that you just don't use and they get in the way.

My Galaxy 4 has a tab that keeps reappearing every time I have to restart my phone (which I have to do every day).
Such a shame as I would like to decide what is on MY phone.

gamernova2790d ago

They are compensating for the crap phone it is. Seriously, still 1080p? Seriously, not 64 bit? So bad.

Spiewie 2790d ago

The phone is a bit of a let down but at this moment in time it has the best specs... the Z2 ultra will destroy it though.