iPhone 6 may be costlier due to Sapphire Screen

TechLucia: The iPhone and The Corning Gorilla Glass are going to part ways with the introduction of iPhone 6 and Sapphire Screen, and this may make iPhone 6 costlier.

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gizmig2880d ago

That is quite possible I guess.

blackmanone2880d ago

Of course it will be more expensive, but not because of the glass. Because they know the masses will pay for it.

Tzuno2880d ago

exactly, they target those who like having the newest shit that is on market. hell people pay more even for a exclusive color :)))))

Agent_hitman2880d ago

Oh c'mon!. not again, another expensive phone!.. Let's just stick to Android everyone!

kevinsheeks2880d ago

I haven't seen anything outside of my sgs3 to upgrade to >.> iphone is kind of lookin tempting at this point

Audiggity2880d ago

Agreed! I can't stand working on rigid Apple devices.

@kevinsheeks - get the SGS4 or wait for the SGS5.

The iPhone should never appear tempting to an android user unless you recently experienced a lobotomy. :)

vikram10082880d ago

Yes. Device looks great screen.

AsimLeonheart2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Even MORE expensive?? Isnt $650 for 16GB, $750 for 32GB and $850 for 64GB enough!? Do people know how much an iphone 5s costs to manufacture? Only $198, $208 and $218 for all three versions!

Even after adding marketing and selling expenses it does not justifies those price points. Apple is earning ridiculous profits on each iphone and I dont know why people continue to get ripped off by them. I really like the iphone 5S and want to buy one but the pricing is just crazy! And now they are looking to increase it even more!? I really wish some competitor teaches Apple a lesson and forces them to lower their prices to fairer levels.

SirBradders2880d ago

Is what made me lol is the fact that my sapphire glass screen protector front and back cost £10-£15, so you can where I'm going with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.