The Spec Wars: Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Xperia Z2

ThatNaijaBlog - Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5 represent the most hotly anticipated smartphones for 2014, they can both be refereed to as a beauty and then a beast! But who will come out on top?

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Blasphemy2890d ago

samsung will win off of brand recognition alone but the Z2 looks like the better phone on paper.

saladthieves2890d ago

I would agree. I was interested in seeing what the S5 would look like in terms of specifications and design. I was a bit disappointed that there was not that much of an improvement over my Galaxy S4. In fact, the S5 looks a lot more like the S4 than the S4 did compared to the S3.

mcstorm2890d ago

Its a shame phones like the Z2, HTC One and Lumina 925/1020 sell as well as the galaxy as for me they are better looking and work great too but that said Samsung were the ones who started pushing there phones a few years ago and it work for them.

sonic9892890d ago

i already have the Xperia Z phone
its really a great sleek looking phone

cell9892890d ago

Z2 is my personal choice it comes with PS NOW

justlikeme2890d ago

I'm waiting for the z1 compact. Anyone know if they're gonna be bringing it to NA?

Ipunchbabiesforfun2890d ago

A barometer?! Lol that's just insane. Hated my S4, I'm positive I'm the only one as well. Traded to an HTC One max for the big screen. Love this phone FAR more than my S4, even if the fingerprint scanner isn't the best design choice.

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