DirectX and OpenGL Claiming to have solved CPU Overhead – If True, Mantle is Dead On Arrival

WCCF: Microsoft and Nvidia have queued up reveals at the Game Developers Conference '14 claiming to have solved everything Mantle solves. If true, Mantle API is effectively Dead on Arrival.

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KingPin2793d ago

if true, mantle may be dead on arrival but we should thank the mantle team for giving the rest of them a kick up the ass otherwise we would still be left with those problems for god knows how long.

Cernunnos2792d ago

Competition is always great for the consumers in the end. Just like you said, even if Mantle goes nowhere, it will still have been a very important step.

R6ex2792d ago

Thank you, AMD for Mantle. Without you starting the ball rolling, DX & OGL would still suck!

2792d ago
Tzuno2792d ago

they solved ass, they are forced to optimize dx and open gl to work like mantle. is all made to make you buy expensive hardware but now amd forced their hand and the truth comes out. optimization was not made just to force people in to buying expensive components.

ChickeyCantor2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

The optimization actually allows for lower spec models to perform better. what are you on about?

DirectX and OpenGL don't need new hardware.

ChickeyCantor2792d ago

DirectX shaders can be used in Mantle. So it doesn't have to be dead on arrival. It just gives developers more choices.

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