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Archos CEO kills water resistant phone during demo

Vyralize: If you’re the CEO of a company, it’s best you know everything about the products you’re marketing. Archos CEO Loic Poirier learnt that lesson the hard way after he was demonstrating the water resistant capabilities of the Quechua Phone 5.

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windblowsagain3503d ago

I hope he had to pay for that.

He thought he was holding a xerpia z.

SilentNegotiator3503d ago

EXACTLY the kind of person I would expect to be at the helm of Archos.

TheoreticalParticle3503d ago

This is what happens when you have a company with a CEO that is is more enamored by looking good than they are with the actual BUSINESS.

Somehow, we as a society transferred all the decision-making to people who could get attention rather than the people who actually had skills.