NERF Shows Off Its New Video Camera Gun CoD Style at Hasbro Showcase

GamerFitNation: During Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro‘s Nerf line presented some really cool artillery to get any sponge dart blasting maniac armed and ready for any Nerf war or a zombie apocalypse. GamerFitNation had a chance to catch up with Nerf’s Nick LaMedica, to learn what is in store for the 2014 line. Check out weapons that’ll range from a noob tube ready Demolisher gun, a Hunger Games type Thunderbow, Slingfire shot gun ready to blast through zombies, a three-legged dart shooting Robot, and last but not least a new prototype that takes Nerf’s tech up a notch.

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Strongfist362893d ago

Cool concept... how can we use it and justify spending money on it?

Redinfamy2892d ago

I guess can justify as a poor mans go pro for nerf matches ?