Why google is forcing Google+ down your throat

Tech Rampage- Whichever Google product you use these days, you have been affected by the tech behemoth’s drive to make Google+ happen. You can’t go to the technology subreddit at reddit any more without seeing at least one thread about Google’s latest attempt at driving Google+ down your throat. Larry Page and his big bang theory rejects at the Googleplex must be aware of the negative press this push has caused, even so they continue marching down that lonely road.

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gizmig2723d ago

From my point of view, Google is looking Google+ as the future of internet where people can perform multiple tasks.

Yi-Long2722d ago

Maybe, put that should come naturally from creating something that people WANT to use, meaning it should be good, interesting and fun to be a part of...

Right now, it isn't, and shoving it down our throat like they're doing, is just gonna make more people hate it, instead of embracing it.

blacktiger2722d ago

maybe it isn't for you.
There is always someone going to hate or love, you just have to deal with it or move on. That's exactly what I did from 90;s in Microsoft era, and so far i'm glad I made the right decision, because Google to me always been great, so far.

wannabe gamer2722d ago

ive opted out of google+ at least 3 times and it somehow always appears again as if i never left. whats the point of letting ppl opt out if you are going to reinject it quietly soon after.