US Navy to test fire deadly laser gun this summer

Vyralize: The next generation of weapons is fast coming as the US Navy will be testing its Laser Weapon System this summer.

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Settler1796d ago

Just who exactly would we be using these on?

hollabox1796d ago

North Korea maybe with all of their threats, but like most weapons of Mass Destruction its used as a deterrent.

SilentNegotiator1796d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Anyone with large reserves of unpopped popcorn in their house.

8831795d ago

I hope people see the "real genius" in your reply.

tawak1795d ago

china, unless they already stole the blueprint and already have the same weapon to used agaisnt us.

quantumofmalice1795d ago

No need to steal it mate-American companies have supplied about 80% of the avionics in chinas new stealth fighter so they have probably sold them the laser plans as well.How goods your chinese?

thorstein1795d ago

Navy. Laser gun. Obviously, you're thinking of the Navy that floats on water.

This will be used on the SS Basilisk, the first interplanetary naval vessel.

Gondee1795d ago

The significance of this is actually much larger then this puts off. Laser weapons are not effected by the speed at which something is moving, the just need to be aimed correctly, and since the distance is large, something traveling 15 thousand mph becomes moving your lasers angle a degree a second. It also JUST happens that ICBM's reenter the atmosphere at over 15kmph... Development in weapons like these could very well bring a rebalancing of strategic power in the world. The only warhead delivery platform that would be effective, assuming the eventually master this, is a submarine (just as the Russians used to practice, pulling up to the coast, and effectively making it impossible to counter because of no advanced notice). On another front, it is actually possible to shoot down ICBM's but it is immensely expensive, thus why Russia and America agreed during the cold war to not build significant icbm counter measures. Effectively reversing what we have now, making the defense cheaper than offense (spamming warheads though MIRV's will no longer work). Exciting times.

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Hozi1796d ago

Idk who exactly, but you sheeple better wake the f**k up because America is building FEMA Camps for all its people who won't just serve them like slaves. Then they wanna know all who has guns so they can take them away. This is starting to remind me of the Nazi times.

Tsuru1796d ago

You "wake the f*** up" people sure are annoying.

Bonerboy1795d ago

pernicious nonsense no less

thorstein1795d ago

Really? They are executing jews by the millions in death camps?

Please, tell me more.

Or stop doing meth.

solidboss071796d ago

I bet China is looking forwards to easily stealing this like they have easily stole every other major weapons programme of the US.

Tsuru1796d ago

Stealing? Like physically? Or just making their own? Cause im pretty sure thats not stealing.

solidboss071795d ago

By using computer teams, hacking into Americas systems, and 'stealing' Terabites of data on Fighter Jet technology, weapons and communication technology ect.
Y'know, Stealing?

Muffins12231791d ago

No...just the technological aspect.Like the blue-print of it by obtaining it through computer science and hacking.

tawak1795d ago

billion or trillions of dollars on reasearch and development plus the years given to it. then china will just hacked and copy it. skiping the R&D, saving them time and money.

FlameBaitGod1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

YEah they r one of the leaders in technology cus they steal LMFAO

SSJBen1795d ago

Yeah, and yet you guys use their products lol. You're using stolen products then, what makes you better?

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RE_L_MAYER1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

then we gonna have a terrorist group shooting lasers at airplanes(cough under siege 2 cough)

360ICE1795d ago

As an American, I believe it's my constitutional right to own a laser or a rail gun. In fact, here's hoping the government will fund a "everyone gets a railgun"-bill, so that I can protect me and my family from any battle ships breaking into our house.

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