Average Android phone now costs half the iPhone, and the price gap is widening

Phone Arena- You probably would not be too surprised to learn that the average Android smartphone is much cheaper than the average iPhone, but what you may not know is that the price gap between the two is actually widening. In 2013, the average price for an Android smartphone dropped to $276, while the average iPhone sold for a whopping $650 (those are off-contract prices, without a carrier subsidy).

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Spiewie 2893d ago

Ridiculous I have no idea why people stayed loyal to iPhones for so long...

princejb1342893d ago

Yet if you go to your local carrier the prices are the same for a galaxy s4 and iphone
You should really stop believing everything the media tells you

Spiewie 2893d ago

Yes but Android offers a lot of cheaper devices which are just as good if not better then the iPhones....