1 in 4 Americans unaware that Earth orbits the Sun

Vyralize: In a recent survey conducted by the National Science Foundation, they found that an average of 1 in 4 Americans do not know that Earth orbits the Sun.

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1Victor3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

everyone knows the sun orbit around the U.S duhh /jk

thorstein3769d ago

Actually, the earth does. The axis of the earth is really around Texas.

Lulz. But I would really love some peer review on this one. I would like them to ask 2200 people per state, then post those results.

I guarantee the Northern States will have a much higher percentage of people who know the Earth orbits the sun.

SilentNegotiator3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Meanwhile, the US did better than most regions on most of the questions.

But focusing on Americans will of course get more hits.

sonic9893769d ago

well the earth moves up and down around the sun which could be considered orbiting and the sun it self isnt stationary it moves at high speeds around the center of the galaxy .

SilentNegotiator3769d ago

Yeah, unfortunately our failed system of education seems to have gotten us overall better scores than most regions.

Paulie_gualtieri3768d ago

Most regions? Such as Syria? Africa? Tailand? Mexico?

Don't set the bar too high or anything..

SilentNegotiator3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

The US did better than EU on many of the questions and were very close on most of the few it did worse on.

ajax173769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

This sounds like something the Onion would write! This is crazy.

Oh wait, 1 in 3 Europeans? Who are the idiots now!?

Speed-Racer3769d ago

Hard to generalize Europeans though. When you look at Germany vs. Spain vs. Poland vs. Bosnia, their level of education vary somewhat dramatically depending on where you go. However I think the US, there is a bit more balance even though you can have differences from state to state depending on culture, religion, etc. Don't get me wrong, not trying to downplay America scoring better here, but I suspect some of those European countries are skewing the score. Maybe something like USA vs UK or a selection of the more powerful European states.

ajax173769d ago

Yeah, I got a little too excited, lol. And it is quite a sensationalist claim to say that 1 in 4 Americans and 1 in 3 Europeans think that when their total sample size is only 2,200 people.

Speed-Racer3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I guess they know what they're doing LOL. But it's the NSF so who knows. Shame they didn't publish their methodology though. Would be interesting to see how they came about with such results from such a small sample. If it's going up for review by Obama and lawmakers, guess they can't f*** up too much given that they actually made the claim (pg. 24 of the review).

thorstein3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Hard to generalize anyone really. But, as with Europe, the States shouldn't be measured "as one." You wouldn't pull down the educational ranking of Finland based on the education in Spain.

The Ed system in the USA is similar: For example, states in the North (like New York) require their teachers to obtain Masters Degrees. They also spend more on education and if they were ranked against the world, you would find most of the Northeastern States right up there with the global leaders.

Unfortunately, we are all dogpiled into one ranking. This simply should not be. See, state school boards in Mississippi voted to eliminate decimals and fractions from their math curriculum. Texas passed resolutions to eliminate Thomas Jefferson from social studies texts (along with the word: democracy.)

So, while I agree that you can't generalize Europeans, please understand that the US ed system is grossly unbalanced with the Southeastern USA being amongst the most ignorant peoples.

So, while the best education is found in Finland (1) and Germany (2) the next best educational systems are Connecticut (3) and New York (4).

Mississippi ends up dead last.

yezz3769d ago

Well I must say that having the best education in the world has not cured stupidity at least here in Finland. So much ignorance.. but fortunately there is also intelligence out there :)

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SniperControl3769d ago

It is a crazy state to be in, last year a survey was done on 18 - 25 years in the UK, something like 40% did not know who there prime minister was, I think around 12% did not know that London was there capital city, another crazy stat was that some young people thought Prince William was king!!

These people are gonna be running the country in 20 years time, Jesus, god help us.

yezz3769d ago

These people are not going to run any country in 20 years. More intelligent people are. Every generation has loads of stupid people..

smashcrashbash3769d ago

I wouldn't be surprised.This gen lives in a sea of ignorance.Many people can't even spell words properly or put together sentences.

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ShockUltraslash1923d ago

Oh no!
The power of Darkness gets stronger and stronger.
We need to gather the heroes of light to fight against this evil.

BioDead1921d ago

Finn and Jake should take the job!!


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level 3601924d ago

These Flat Earth believers' are really funny sickos.

Cobra9511923d ago

As a group, they're the perfect illustration of an echo chamber. Think of them as a control group, where the concepts espoused are clearly wrong, but they believe they're getting valid science (like drug control groups believe they are getting meds instead of placebos). Good studies of people's impressionability as members of a greater whole can be accomplished here.

blacktiger1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

It's funny how you judge others, regardless where's the proof of them being sickos?

kneon1923d ago

Anyone who truly thinks the earth is flat is mentally deficient.

1923d ago
KingPin1921d ago

1999: in 2019 AI would probably run the world we wont have to do anything.

2019: we're trying to convince people the world is round.

BioDead1921d ago

If earth is flat then most of the physics shouldn't work as they are working now. I saw a documentary on Netflix of this believe and I didn't get a single valid or scientific explanation from the believers how the flat earth works, why other planets are globes and earth is just flat, how the physics works with it, and so on. Seemingly flat earth is now in fashion, but it'll soon wears out. Hopefully.

Cobra9511921d ago

Just imagine the number of people who would have to be in on the round "hoax" over the centuries for it to succeed. A few examples: Anyone who flies an airplane, or in one, around the world. Most international ship captains and crews. Meteorologists. Astronomers. Anyone professionally involved with satellites.

Kostche1920d ago

the world is flat, belive what you want, nasa the biggest hoaxers to the human race, and its funny watching them mug the human race off, enyoy the space travel... LUL