Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Sport Interview Dual Touchscreens and Anti-Gravity Seats

GamerFitNation: Infinti is known for their very luxurious and expensive vehicles. While at the Northeast Auto show, GamerFitNation was able to interview Mike Remy, Sales Consultant for Infiniti. In this interview we got the chance to talk about the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Sport. This hybrid vehicle is one that features new technological advancements like Anti-gravity seats to prevent car sickness as well as multiple touchscreens that can be used to navigate the vehicle.

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Redinfamy2802d ago

Interesting, I love the new Infinti look

RE_L_MAYER2802d ago

meh....where is the subaru looks like shit

Blasphemy2802d ago

anti gravity seats in a car wtf? need to experience it.

Tzuno2801d ago

fools car, when it will broke prepare to spend 100K $ just for that anti gravity senor under your seat. you have to love how smart people take money from the rich and stupid.