Sony Now Predicts a $1.1 Billion Loss, Shuts Down PC Business

Entrepreneur- Sony is shuttering its computer business, refocusing its TV division on high-end units and laying off 5,000 people. It is also predicting a massive loss of 110 billion yen, or $1.1 billion, for the fiscal year, a drastic change from its prediction three months ago of a 30-billion yen profit ($294 million).

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SJIND3772d ago

Sony never had chance with its Computers.

cell9893771d ago

Actually the VAIO was enticing, it's just that it was too expensive had they sold at HP competitive prices, the division would still exist

ABizzel13771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

This, you can't charge macbook prices, and expect to sell when the competition is offerings $299 and $399 for the average consumer, or $99 - $199 on BF.

They needed to price their products better as a whole, HDTVs, computers, etc...

But I guess that's what happens when you try to do the right thing and pay people well instead of sending most of your jobs overseas for the sake of making a profit for the company. It's sad but consumer price comes first, and unfortunately that means people lose their job so about 10 "Chinese / Indian" employees can take it.

UltimateMaster3770d ago

Those PCs were incredible quality.
But price wasn't competitive.
They would have needed multiple competitive price.

3771d ago
fishy13771d ago

Well thats the bottom line...... Sony used to make superior products, and could charge ridiculous prices for there crap. Now that most other companies make better electronics or at least equal and far cheaper. Nobody but fan boys are buying the way overpriced products they sell. To go from a 300 million profit prediction to a 1.1 billion loss shows how stupid they still are. If only they had used the ps4 business model with the entire company it wouldnt be so bleak.

jony_dols3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

'Sony used to make superior products, and could charge ridiculous prices for there crap.'

Derp...That sentence makes no sense. Superior products = crap?

TechImperia3771d ago

thats what happens if you don't price your products right.

maniacmayhem3771d ago

You have to go to N4G to make that statement fly.

thezeldadoth3771d ago

this article wouldn't even get approved on N4G due to the rabid fanboys blocking it.

eferreira3771d ago

lol coming from a username with zelda in it.

thezeldadoth3771d ago

oh no i enjoy zelda, that must mean i hate all other games and companies. i better change my name to something neutral and stop having favorite games as well

sevilha823771d ago

I´m a Sony fan (not fanboy,as an extreme)and i agree 100% with the article.
I would never buy a VAIO,overpriced for the tech it posseses,very similar to an Mac economicly speaking.they are just too expensive when such cheaper and just as good altertives exist in the market, and that was their obviuos downfall

admiralvic3771d ago

This is sooooo true. + bubbles

@ Thezeldadoth

The article would get approved and probably hit 1,000 degrees, though the comment section would be talking about crazy nonsense. Like, the PS4 will reintroduce a premium model PS4 with OtherOS (running Windows and OSX if you like), backwards compatibility, 1 year of Plus, early access to PlayStation Now, 2 redesigned DualShock 4's, a Vita (slim line) and 16 gb memory card for $450 dollars, which makes it OBVIOUSLY better than the Xbox One.

SilentNegotiator3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

"this article wouldn't even get approved on N4G due to the rabid fanboys blocking it"

That's because it f***ing belongs HERE. Stop whining that articles about Sony's overall finances didn't get posted on the site specifically about games, when it belongs on Techspy.

How many years are trolls going to whine about an article not being approved on the wrong site?

adorie3770d ago

Well, here is a talk bubble for the truth.

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