US military to start ‘Iron Man’ test trials from June 2014

Vyralize: Look out folks, The Avengers may be coming sooner than you think. Getting back to reality, the U.S. Special Operations Command has announced that three unpowered Tactical Assault Light Operator Suits (TALOS) are currently being assembled and should be ready for testing by June of this year.

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gizmig2810d ago

From the futuristic concept to the reality. [Fingers-crossed]

thorstein2809d ago

If we are just hearing about it now, then they already have them.

ApolloTheBoss2810d ago

May the almighty Talos guide them all.

adorie2810d ago

Good. Now we just have to wait a couple hundred years for the Brotherhood of Steel.

WWIII can't come soon enough!

SilentNegotiator2810d ago

If it can't fly, it's just an exoskeleton, not an Iron suit.

Got all excited for nothing.

Aaroncls72809d ago

Unreasonable expectations are usually met with realistic disappointments!

SilentNegotiator2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

It says "Iron Man" in the title, so IDK about "unreasonable" expectations...

And come on, I was only kidding. I didn't REALLY expect to open up the article and see that the government was developing an Iron Man suit that could chase jets and ran on an arc reactor. I would have THOUGHT that was obvious.

cell9892809d ago

still a huge far cry of what the Iron Man suit is all about, nice try US military but try harder

Speed-Racer2809d ago

The military never promised an Iron Man suit, so I dunno why you guys are getting worked up about it. It just so happened that TALOS ended up getting dubbed as the Iron Man suit by the media. Still a big step imo.

cell9892808d ago

A good start, but not practical enough for real life combat

ironfist922809d ago

Why no Robocop initiative?

256bit2809d ago

Because people are still Robophobic!!

ironfist922809d ago


I wish the Samuel L Jackson talk show was real, I'd watch that shit always.

Shad0wRunner2809d ago

Idk why people cheer and get excited, like this is a good thing. It's not.

Anything produced by and for the US military, is not worth throwing a tailgate party for. Even if they could develop a real working Iron Man suit, which they obviously least not to the capacity of Tony Stark's fictional would be used as a "war machine" pun intended.

Just another tool to be used to murder people with.

Im sure at some point, years ago...people thought auto piloted drones would be cool too. That is...until they were used to murder children and such, in foreign countries. And remember, anything designed to be used as a weapon in foreign countries...can be used domestically as well. Against us.

Would any of you wanna go up against some trigger happy grunt, in a full armoured Iron Man suit? Armed with the latest, state of the art weaponry. I wouldnt.

I dont condone or support projects like these. Not a chance in hell...

BLuTheSecond2809d ago

Advancement of military tech also benefit civilians. Drones are also used to save civilian lives. The internet, the very same medium that you are using right now to express your fears, was born from military tech. Stop being cynical and narrow minded and grow up, kid.

Shad0wRunner2809d ago

First off, Im no kid at 33 years old. LOL.

No doubt, some military tech has saved countless lives. That is not in dispute. But at what cost? Our military has no fear of drone striking a facility or even a church full of innocent men, women and kill a few dozen terrorists. Then claim it to be for the "greater good." These acts never saved MY life, nor has my life ever been in any danger from a foreign country.

In my 33 years alive, I can say with pure conviction...that our military would faster take a life...than save it. Especially if it aligned with some ulterior motive or agenda, outside of a noble cause. We are a nation of war. We always have been and always will be. We do not want peace and our economy cannot live on peace. Our entire system, was designed to thrive on war. And anything created and used by the military, specifically anything that can be weaponized...can and will be used in the name of war and murder. Justified and rationalized thru saving lives and preserving peace and freedom.


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