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Two Major Investors Are Asking Microsoft CEO to Drop Xbox, Bing and Surface | Two influential Microsoft shareholders have been repeatedly asking Satya Nadella, Microsoft's brand new CEO, to drop the Xbox, Bing and the company's tablet division to focus on their most profitable business, the enterprise software industry.

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proudly_X2812d ago

I don't thing Microsoft needs to drop the Xbox, but Bing and Surface definitely needs the knife..

Crazay2812d ago

Bing has to go - time to cut their losses and sell whatever is saleable off to someone else.

The Tablet a tough call for me. That market is booming and will continue to do so. MS has to be in the mix somewhere for business and home users. Furthermore, that division can be beneficial to future xbox development.

ThanatosDMC2811d ago

Someone needs to brings this article on N4G.

NewMonday2811d ago

Xbox would still exist, but this time with a good company, it could be the best thing to happen

Anon19742811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

What's funny is N4G won't have this article. Despite the obviously huge ramifications for the gaming industry, N4G mods seemed determined to stifle debate on this topic over and over and over again. There's been many articles and opinion pieces submitted to N4G related to an Xbox spinoff and the mods squash every one.

BDG2811d ago

I just got a surface pro, best bit of tech i have bought in years

mcstorm2811d ago

I agree. For me the surface is a very underrated tablet both RT and Pro. The RT for me is the best mobile Tablet you can by at the moment as it can do everything an Ipad and Android tablet can do but also replace users home pc's for word ect.

The Surface Pro again is by far the best Business tablet on the market. It will do more or less most Business side tasks and is also a great laptop replacement for power users.

I don't think Microsoft need to drop any of the 3. The Surface market is picking up the xbox division is doing fine and Bing is gaining market share every quarter yes still along way off Google but Bing is now built into Microsoft products and I don't think it should be removed.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens to Microsoft under the new CEO but I think he has now been handed a company on the up and only needs small changes now rather than big ones.

asmith23062811d ago

Why would they drop Bing? It's the second ranking search engine after Google.

adorie2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Because Microsoft does not generate the same revenue that Google generates from ads, not to mention Microsoft pays people to use Bing, they pay a lot of money out of pocket to propel Bing to where it's at now, and from what I've read Bing is indeed a Money Pit. (see Yahoo deal and it's details)

Microsoft waits for success to be obtained by others and then tries to strong-arm that success using money to brute force their way into business they are interested in.

It'll be interesting to see how the new CEO, Gates and the Investors will work out their differences and whether or not Xbox has a target on it. That said, It's almost certain Bing is getting the axe, it comes up more than Xbox.

RamsesNum12812d ago

Yeah, Bing definitely needs to go. Surface, I honestly don't care for but if cutting that out can keep Xbox running, so be it.

iSpy2812d ago

It is the time drop Bing and Surface crap.

Software_Lover2811d ago

What? Xbox brand is strong. Surface tablets are regarded as the best W8 tablets. I bounce back and forth between bing and google (I love the bing homepages, especially since it isn't done with political fluff as google does sometimes).

Investors only care about the short term it seems. If that is the case Apple should have dropped everything right before the Ipod came out right?

Mr Pumblechook2811d ago

There's nothing wrong with loving Xbox, or appreciating the quality of the surface Pro. But when you come here posting about how you use Bing (and it's wonky results) and you love it's hompages then you reveal yourself to be a dyed-in-the-wool Microsoft apologist who is unable to critique them or their products objectively.

Whilst Bing has an interesting spin on the homepage what matters is the search results and in this department Bing is atrocious. For a search of a popular term it will deliver some ok results, search anything more obscure and it flounders in a list of best guesses. Search is Google's core business and they have years of experience developing algorithms that help users find even the most obscure term they are looking for.

Software_Lover2811d ago

Like I said.............. I use both. You obviously missed that point. Google most of the time (approx 75%). As a search engine, bing has helped me at times when google could not find the site I was looking for. That is a fact. Does it happen often, no.

Liking a homepage of a search engine is not an indication of an "apologist". It's an indication of me liking the homepage. You guys/girls take these things too seriously.

Like I said, Xbox brand is strong for Microsoft. Surface is regarded as the best W8 tablets by most websites. If they drop those 3 projects, the only thing left is windows (and office) for the business sector as most home users have switched to a mobile/tablet enviornment. Tablet computing is a growing sector.

In closing, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if bing were dropped. I know that may come as a surprise to you. It's a search engine. Nothing more, nothing less. There are other search engines out there. But I do wish another competitor took their homescreen idea if that does happen.

awiseman2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

"Microsoft aplogist" seriousely?

I can confirm the political rubbish from google is very annoying I recently switched to bing. If Bing goes away I will go elsewhere but not google. I am done with them and their political rubbish.

Also google uses their "years of algorithms" for censorship and selling your private information. Google+ anyone?

SniperControl2811d ago


"Also google uses their "years of algorithms" for censorship and selling your private information. Google+ anyone?"

And MS dont do this???

Skype anyone..........

2811d ago
Blasphemy2811d ago

xbox may be a strong brand but overall has been nothing but a money sink for microsoft. any other company would have dropped it by now.

mikegeezy692811d ago

after the x1, i don't blame em

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