Why do People Still Use Windows XP

dork Tech- This photo is titled ‘Bliss’, and was taken by Charles O’Rear in 1996. It’s best known as the desktop background of Microsoft’s operating system Windows XP. Released to the public on October 25, 2001, Windows XP became one of Microsoft’s most popular operating systems, and, today, the 12 year-old software is still used on 29.23% of all computers, second only to the (much newer) Windows 7.

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gizmig2900d ago

Are they? As far as my circle I haven't seen anyone still using XP. But its a big world I guess that people still using XP.

Bimkoblerutso2900d ago

I still have an XP machine because it's like the last bastion for playing a lot of older games.

s45gr322900d ago

Windows 7 can play older games also; however, I am having trouble with emulators

SilentNegotiator2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's mostly businesses. I know more than a few people that still use XP at work, including myself at my last job.

ITPython2900d ago

I still prefer XP by far, and while I do have windows 7 as a dualboot option because I need it for Visual Studio, I absolutely hate it with a passion.

Granted Windows 7 has plenty of great features not found on XP (like Trim for SSD's, among other things), but I find the OS to be unintuitive and EXTREMELY annoying to use. With XP I feel as if I am in 100% complete control, with W7 it seems like I am at the mercy of the OS. Every time I use Windows 7 I am reminded at every turn as to why I hate it.

Now since most here are likely used to and enjoy W7, to understand how I feel just upgrade to Windows 8.

For me going from XP to W7 is the same as people going from W7 (who really like W7) to W8. Just reading some of the Amazon reviews of Windows 8 reminds me of when I use Windows 7 and the frustration that ensues.

rustyspoon802900d ago

I'd say most people have no need to update. The internet and MS Office 2003 all work perfectly fine for most people.

The only issue now may come with security issues.

ITPython2900d ago

Good HIPS, AV, firewall and sandboxing software pretty much null out the security issues, at least for the time being.

Psychotica2900d ago

I worked in IT in a local factory and they had many PC's running on the factory floor using XP. They are only used to run a simple configuration application for their product. Places like this have no need to upgrade.

mcstorm2900d ago

Alot of people have them because of the times. I work in it and when XP came out the economy was booming but now people are trying to save money. A lot of our small we customers have run there XP pc's until they have broken and been forced to upgrade but now the economy is picking up and XP is being dropped by Microsoft companys are looking to upgrade.

monkeyfox2900d ago

because xp still enables all the things you generally use a PC for i should think. It runs word, excel and outlook, lets you to go on internet/shop, use skype, play films/music, download stuff, do your banking, play games.

We, the consumers are probably idiots...

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