First Xbox One System Update Detailed

ThatNaijaBlog - The first substantial system update for the Xbox One releases on Tuesday, February 11th and Microsoft has dropped a few details of what to expect.

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Crazay2901d ago

Good...fix the goddamn party chat already.

Shad0wRunner2901d ago

Kind of ironic that the XBox One is getting an update to do some of the things the PS4 already does. LOL.

Pogmathoin2901d ago

And PS4 will copy features of X1 no doubt, like PS3 copied many 360 features.... Your ironic point is??

fr0sty2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

...that it also is getting updates to do the things 360 did. It isn't about copying, just about odd downgrades indicating a rushed OS. Not to say PS4 doesn't have its own odd downgrades, such as no MP3 or DLNA at launch, but for a company that takes so much pride in its online infrastructure, it is a bit odd of them to strip such essential community features from an online system that already had them in place for many years. It's also odd to see them remove features like storage management, which are pretty important in order to ensure ease of use and have been in place since the original Xbox. It did beg the question "It wasn't broken, why fix/remove it?".

Pogmathoin2900d ago

Fair enough Frosty, also the way a comment dhould be done, not a blatant fanboy poke like above. Bubble up for you...

Shad0wRunner2900d ago

My point was moot. Just making a statement. That the PS4 had system storage management and keyboard support from day one. I was just surprised to see the XBox One was lacking these capabilities. These are pretty basic, fundamental things.

There is nothing the PS4 would copy from the XBox One, at this point. If anything, Sony would port over all the media features and personalization options from the PS3 over to PS4....before resorting to copying the competition.

Pogmathoin2900d ago

Ok, X1 not perfect, I know, but Sony already copied the best things about Xbox Live, and glad Xbox copying the free games, could be better though, but in fairness PSN was slow on that one too to begin with. Nothing wrong with copying, its a form of flattery.

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bub162900d ago

if you want the customers, you need to provide what the rival company is doing + more, why the hell wouldn't they copy each other!

keeps both companies on top of their game and trying to outdo the other

twdll2901d ago

I was kinda looking for more in the PS4 update. Hope this one for the xbone is more substantial.

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